Dear students,

I warmly welcome you to the University of St.Gallen and to our Kick-off Days! No matter whether you are new to studying at the HSG or which level you are at: our Kick-off Days will provide you with support for a successful start to your studies. Here you will find an overview of the week.

Introductory Programme: Get to know your new university and future fellow students better. Experience a campus and city tour, discover all the study-related services with the help of exciting workshops. And on Thursday evening, toast with your new buddies at Square!
Participation is compulsory for all new Bachelor and Master students without Master-specific events in week 37. Further information and registration under "Introductory Programme".

Academic Programme: Each year, the Academic Programme addresses a topical, socially and culturally significant issue. Together with internationally renowned experts and professors, you will develop ideas and visions on a specific assignment in an interdisciplinary project. On the 16 September, within the framework of the Academic Programme, we will move around the term ‘Community’ – thematically and in time and space.
Compulsory for all new Bachelor, Master and PhD students and re-enrolled students who have been exmatriculated for 3 semesters or longer. Further information under "Academic Programme".

Welcome Programme PhD: We have organised a special Welcome Programme for the new PhD students, rematriculated PhD students are also welcome. Further information and registration options can be found under "Welcome Programme PhD".
Further important information:


Bachelor und Master:
You can pick up your HSGcard on Monday, 12.09.2022, in the Aula between 09:00 and 11:30. Exceptions:
  • Master's students who have specific courses in week 36 will receive the HSGcard from their programme coordinator at that time.
  • Re-enrolled students can pick up their HSGcard from 13.09.2022 at the Infodesk (Main Building).

You will receive your HSGcard from your employer, if not, please contact the PhD Office.

At the bottom of this page you will find important information and the zoom link for our Q&A session.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
See you very soon!
Viktoria Schär & Team HSG Kick-off Days

Viktoria Schär
Project Manager Kick-off Days

Programme Kick-off Days and Registration

Introductory Programme
For all the new Bachelor and Master students without obligatory master programme events
east Please register here with your HSG E-Mail Address
Academic Programme
For all the new Bachelor, Master and PhD students
Mandatory for the reimmatriculated students who have been exmatriculated für more than 3 semesters
east Please register here with your HSG E-Mail Address
PhD Welcome Programme
For all the new PhD students – reimmatriculated PhD students are welcome too!
east Please register here with your HSG E-Mail Address

Useful information for your studies

Regarding your studies:

Phone (Bachelor): +41 (0) 71 224 36 00
Phone (Master): +41 (0) 71 224 37 00

Regarding Admissions and Crediting

Phone: +41 71 224 39 31

Regarding the Kick-off Day:

Phone: +41 (0)71 224 23 34

General Information

Presentations Welcome @HSG

Introduction to your studies: Bidding

Student Insight: Bidding Process

Q&A-Session (Live via zoom for Bachelor and Master students)

Questions regarding bidding can be asked at the Q&A Live-Session “Introduction to your studies” on 25.08.2022, 17h-18h.

Biddit App

To make the complicated allocation of courses at the university easier for students, Marc Gruener (MBI) and Micha Brugger (MBI & CEMS) have developed a tool: "Biddit".